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The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring, 2nd Edition

The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring, 2nd Edition

Ida O. Abbott, Esq., 2018.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring 2nd Edition is a timely update to a NALP bestseller, and a must-have resource for all PD professionals!

New models of lawyer mentoring have emerged over the past few years, and mentoring today has become more strategic than in the past. This newly-revised edition offers practical tools for establishing successful mentoring relationships in today’s dynamic legal workplace.

Author Ida Abbott was one of the first to address lawyer mentoring in a systemic way and is still widely recognized as the leader in the field.For individual lawyers, mentoring relationships offer keys to professional success. For law firms, mentoring programs are an investment in the future.This book will provide both audiences with the information necessary to find success in all areas of mentoring, and during all stages of a lawyer’s career.

Read the Foreword by Scott A. Westfahl, Professor of Practice, Director of Executive Education, Harvard Law School.

The newly-revised and expanded Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring addresses:

  • Historical bases and recent developments in mentoring
  • Coaching and sponsorship
  • New and emerging models for mentoring (episodic mentoring, virtual mentoring, reverse mentoring)
  • Designing an effective mentoring program (includes a checklist)
  • The roles of mentor and mentee
  • Starting and maintaining effective mentoring relationships
  • Special issues in mentoring, from cross-racial and cross-gender mentoring to use of technology
  • Mentoring in special settings (from corporate and public service settings to law schools)
  • And much more.
Click here to view the Table of Contents from The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring 2nd Edition.

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