2023 Annual Education Conference - Vancouver

NALP's 2023 Annual Education Conference will take place April 25-28 at the Vancouver Convention Center. The resources below (including the registration link) provide more information about the conference, sessions, travel, and more.

View the full agenda here (PDF) or on the conference website

If you are new to NALP's conference, consider registering for the April 11 Newcomers Orientation webinar.

If you are interested in attending a Section meeting at the conference, find the list here (PDF)

Newcomer tips for before the conference
Newcomer tips for during the conference
Newcomer tips for after the conference


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Archived Webinars

Newcomers Orientation Webinar for the 2023 NALP Annual Conference
Presented April 11, 2023
Join members of the NALP Annual Conference Planning Team and first-timers at last year’s conference for an orientation session on the ins and outs of the NALP Annual Education Conference. Learn what to pack, how to select sessions, tips for the networking sessions, and more.

Canadian Law Student Recruitment and Lawyer Licensing: A Primer
Presented February 2, 2023
U.S. legal employers have a specific way of recruiting and licensing entry-level lawyers and our friends across the 49th parallel have an entirely different system. What is an articling student? When do OCIs happen in Canada? Can American lawyers practice law in Canada? If you don’t know the answers to these questions but want to get up to speed before NALP heads to Vancouver, Canada for the 2023 Annual Education Conference, this webinar will help you learn more.

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