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Innovating Talent Management: Ch. 8 - Recruitment Innovations

Innovating Talent Management: Ch. 8 - Recruitment Innovations

Caren Ulrich Stacy, 2016.

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"Recruitment Innovations" (Chapter 8 from Innovating Talent Management), provides an overview of changes in the legal marketplace and explains the significant impact this is having on the pipeline for talent from entry-level lawyers through the decreasing mid-level associate cohort and the consequent focus on lateral hiring (associates and partners) to bridge the gaps. It identifies, compares, and contrasts the lawyer skill set of yesterday with today and explains how this is driving changes in recruitment practices. The chapter undertakes a comprehensive review of these practices and provides detailed, insightful recommendations that will undoubtedly assist firms in hiring the right talent to deliver what clients expect today.

Providing helpful tips, tools, and suggestions that support talent management professionals in their work as change agents and intrapreneurs, Innovating Talent Management acts as a resource for law firm leaders, legal department leaders, COOs, and CEOs as they consider their growth strategies and business priorities in the next decade. Law schools will also find this a helpful resource as they review, reshape, and relaunch their curricula to prepare graduates for the 21st century legal marketplace.

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