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21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 3 - Health Law: Career Opportunities

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 3 - Health Law: Career Opportunities

Richard L. Hermann, 2017.

Find out what else makes Health Law “hot and getting hotter”.  Health law jobs are abundant, due to: the Affordable Care Act (ACA); HIPAA and its Omnibus Rule; healthcare costs, which have risen at three times the inflation rate for 30+ years; poor quality care—the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the U.S. healthcare system a dismal 37th in the world; technological innovation; globalization; an aging population; and regulatory burdens affecting millions of businesses and individuals.

Contents include:

  • What Makes Health Law So “Hot?”
  • Prospects and Trends
  • Emerging Issues in Health Law
  • Who Hires? “Mainstream” Legal Careers
  • Who Hires? “JD-Advantage” Health Law Careers
  • Breaking into Health Law
  • What Does It Pay?
  • How to Get Advance Notice of Health Law Job Opportunities
  • And more!

About the 21st Century Legal Career Series
No one has a crystal ball, but Richard L. Hermann has spent his career— more than 30 years— researching, evaluating, and accurately predicting where the career opportunities will be for law graduates. He has counseled attorneys from new lawyers to 20-year practitioners on how and where to hunt for the next, best option.

Affordably priced, the volumes in the “21st Century Legal Career Series” provide law schools and law students or anyone considering a change of career with invaluable guidance and information on the careers of the future!

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