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General regions elect two Regional Representatives, one representing law school members and one representing employer members, each to serve two-year terms as members of the Regional Resource Council. Each limited region (Canada) elects a Regional Representative each year, to serve a one-year term and a second follow-on year as Immediate Past Regional Representative.  The Regional Resource Council will have 21 members.

Each Regional Representative is a member of the Regional Resource Council (“RRC”) and has the following job responsibilities:

  • Attends in person the Annual Education Conference the year s/he is elected including an orientation/training session (from 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Monday, April 8, 2019 and from 8:00 - 11:30 am on Tuesday, April 9 with a dinner on Monday evening, April 8) at the Annual Education Conference.  Each Regional Representative should also use best efforts to attend the Annual Conference that takes place between the first and second years of her/his term.
  • Works with the regional team to help plan and conduct business at the Regional Meeting during the Annual Education Conference during term of office.
  • Participates in all meetings (usually telephonic or web-based) of the RRC.
  • Interacts with and provides reports to the Board of Directors, President, Vice-President for Member Services and Education, and staff as appropriate on news, activities and concerns from the region.
  • Serves in an ambassadorial role to gather information from members in the region regarding concerns, trends, and interests, and to provide information to members in the region from NALP and the Board including information relating to surveys, upcoming conferences and events, and topical issues.  This includes participating in all regional outreach and feedback calls. 
  • Develops expertise on the region and shares knowledge and opportunities with fellow NALP members including the Board and staff.  Engages in environmental scanning (through conference calls or individual calls) when requested to gather member input and identify regional issues.
  • Welcomes and follows-up with new members to NALP (through calls and emails).
  • Within the region, serves as liaison and resource to city groups and law school consortia, provides outreach to underserved cities/localities and, where possible and appropriate, attends meetings and presents NALP information and data (i.e., end of season report). 
  • Identifies local groups, events, organizations etc., that may be resources for NALP members; understands and uses NALP resources (website, directories, newsletters, research) appropriately. 
  • Identifies volunteers from within the region for projects and committees, as well as potential volunteer projects within the region.
  • Under ordinary circumstances, there is an expectation that candidates elected to a Regional Representative position will see that term in office through before accepting a nomination for another elected or slated term.  In other words, Regional Representatives in two year terms should not, under ordinary circumstances, accept a nomination for another elected or slated position in the first year of their term, but may do so in their second year.
  • Regional Representatives from Limited Regions (currently Canada) who serve a one-year term will serve a second follow-on year as Immediate Past Regional Representative and will be invited to participate in the annual RRC orientation program and RRC meetings throughout the year.

View all position descriptions as a PDF here.

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